Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eatin' in the ATM... Keepin' it Classy

If you've ever been to New York, you know that on every corner of Manhattan there is at least one street food vendor. Typically they either offer hot dogs, pretzels, and Snapple or they are serving some type of Mediterranean/Mexican/Anything-else-that-can-be-served-from-a-cart cuisine. You never really know what you're going to get or if it's going to be tasty, but the food carts can be your saving grace when you're starving and on the run. On the other hand, sometimes the food carts are so tasty that they can be worth a journey into the city specifically to partake in the tasty treats they offer. The latter was the case last Sunday as Angie informed me of "The Halal Guys"- a well-known food cart in midtown near Rockefeller Center. She told me it was the best chicken and rice she'd ever had in her life. I already had my coat half on after she said food cart, so we were soon on our way.

It was raining outside so we hurried into the city as quickly as possible. We arrived at Rockefeller and realized we didn't have any cash so we began the search for an ATM. We went into the Apple Savings Bank (Anyone ever heard of this?? It looks super fancy but I swear it's the only one of its kind) and tried the ATM there, but it was out of order. We had to search for a bit but were finally able to get some cash and scurried back, following the scents of wonder and awe that were being emitted by The Halal Guys food cart.

We didn't exactly think through the fact that it was raining outside and our dining destination was a food cart. This wasn't fully realized until we were standing holding our umbrellas with one hand and our chicken and rice with the other, sandwiched between holiday shoppers and Rockettes spectators. We slowly shuffled over to a nearby Starbucks hoping to eat in there after purchasing some type of beverage to earn our spot. However, there were no available tables. So much for frequent customer perks. We looked at each other with looks of panic, as we realized we had no idea how we were going to enjoy the feast that was so close, yet SO far away from being consumed. My eyes wandered over to the Apple Savings Bank and I felt the empty ATM booth calling our name. Why not? I mean the ATM was out of order. It was just this big empty room that no one was using! So yep.. we wandered on over and settled onto the ledge and consumed what was correctly described as the best chicken and rice EVER.

Do I think it was wrong? Nope. Do I have any regrets? Nope. Will I eat street food again in an ATM? Highly possible. We made sure to wave to the security cameras to express our thanks and we cleaned up our mess so I think the Apple Savings Bank people will be pleased to know that even though their ATM was useless at providing people with cash, it did provide a very effective shelter and dining experience last Sunday evening. Perhaps more ATM booths should take note and start adding tables and chairs and put in a cafe. Just a thought-- perhaps I'll make it a business venture if this whole social work thing doesn't work out. :)


Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas... Maybe Too Far??

Well they weren't lying -- all those Christmas movies that portray NYC as being beautiful and magical during this season. EVERYTHING is decorated! Each neighborhood has its own lights throughout the streets and ALL the storefronts are decorated elaborately. So it wasn't too much of a shock that PriceWise (picture a trashier CVS/Walgreens) wanted to join in on the fun and display its products in a festive fashion. But I'm not sure that this was the best plan...

Really?? Of ALL the products... you decide that stack the Tampax boxes and decorate them as a Christmas tree?? I'd venture to say almost any other product would have been a better choice. Wheat thins perhaps? They're nice and rectangular. How about oreo packages? They have seasonal colors. ANYTHING really. But thank you for the laugh, PriceWise. I salute your window dressers for their bold choice. I mean really, I think they're on to something here. I can't think of a more practical stocking stuffer!

I finally got to go see the tree all lit up and beautiful! It really is huge. Although, I do think it looked bigger on Home Alone 2.... just sayin'. Maybe cause Kevin was short. Anywho-- what you DON'T see is the four previous photos that were taken of me and Angie because I asked like four old women in a row to take our picture with my iPhone. Disaster. This was literally the FIFTH take.. in a crowd of like 8 million. Whatever-- I needed that pic!

(Don't judge the hats-- it's so COLD!)

It's so BIG!!

And now I'd like to make a special bday shout-out to my roomie, Leticia! Love you roomie!

We took this little pic before we headed out with friends for a birthday dinner in the city. I know, I know- you don't even need to say it- we should make this into a Christmas card. Too bad I just spent my pay check on a high dollar burger and dessert! I'm not sure when my brain morphed to the point where I believe $25 is an appropriate amount of money to spend on dinner. But hey-- it was a HOLIDAY! Doesn't count :)

On an entirely separate note... there are only TWO WEEKS until Christmas and more importantly, only two weeks until I'm back in TEXAS!!! It'll be short... but I couldn't be more excited. Don't get me wrong... this city is festive, but there's no place I'd rather be than HOME for Christmas! (Please excuse the excessive capitalization in this paragraph-- there are only so many ways to express my excitement in written form.)

So let the countdown begin!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"What's with all this walking??"

Well I definitely had one of the best Thanksgivings EVER. Don't get me wrong-- I love family Thanksgivings in Temple complete with watching the parade in front of dad's fire while Mom slaves away in the kitchen-- nothing can ever replace that for sure. However, what I experienced last week was probably the closest second there could be!

It all started last Monday when my favorite sister arrived after I got off work. She arrived in a cab and I had a gourmet tortellini dinner waiting with a lovely Thanksgiving bouquet I had just purchased from the local florist. Who am I?? Those flowers are awesome though... I'm just sayin'.
So Stacy arrived and it was a beautiful sisterly reunion. We went to bed and then she promptly left me to go on a five hour (one-way) bus ride to Washington DC -- the place she has always wanted to visit-- while I slaved away at work. Stacy spent a full three hours in DC and then headed back to the ole city. We ate some fabulous thai food and headed to bed. I forced her up the next morning to go stand in a freezing line to get us tickets to the Broadway show "Memphis", again while I slaved away at the office. She endured the cold and got us front row ("partial view") tickets to the show. Lemme tell ya-- it was AMAZING. Definitely my favorite show I've ever seen. I also introduced Stacy to the beauty of Shake Shack that evening and her life will never be the same.

The next morning we left bright and early (slash an hour and a half later than planned due to the excessive "five more minutes" we alternately plead) and settled into our spots for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade at 42nd St. and 6th Ave. The spots were perfect and we were prepared to strong-arm the crowd when Meme and Aunt Janet arrived from the airport so that we could all enjoy these coveted standing spots. So I went to go meet the Meme and Aunt Janet while Stacy guarded the spots. As I promptly left the street to find them, a cop puts up a barrier and yells after me "You know you can't get back in here now, right?" Of course I didn't know that. We had a short discussion (my sassy attitude repressed since he was an officer of the law) and I made the call that Stacy would need to be meeting me and the fam at our new not-so-incredible-but-still-good standing spots. All in all the parade was a lot of fun! Chilly and crowded, yes-- but I'd definitely do it again!

On to Thanksgiving dinner-- which I thought I was thoroughly prepared for due to the success of the dry run! After we get home, I put on my apron with confidence and go to start stuffing the turkey. Only one problem... the turkey that I had been thawing for over a day was still FROZEN in the legs! I started to sweat a bit but Meme came to the rescue and did some magic with hot water and years of turkey-experience. I couldn't have done it without her. She also displayed some impressive gravy skills. The turkey ended up coming out fine and everything else tasted delish-- so I consider it to have been a success. Stacy and Aunt Janet did some helping as well-- generally in the form of "sampling" and "testing" for the "sake of the group"... something along those lines :)

After dinner we had to take a little nap in preparation for our midnight shopping extravaganza at the Queens Mall! (Don't judge- it's not ghetto! I promise!) We went to sleep around 7:30pm and planned to wake up around 11:00pm to head out with our cab. I was put in charge of the alarm. Mistake #1. The next thing I know, I roll over and it's 12:30am. Oops! Did I rush out of bed and sound the alarm? Nope-- I continued sleeping! Stacy and I can really convince one another we need five more minutes for a WHILE! We finally got up around 1:00am and headed out with our driver. Yep, I have a driver, no big deal. Sure, he's different every time and charges me different amounts but I think I'll continue to say I have a driver. We found some fabulous sales at the mall and decided to celebrate with an IHOP breakfast. (Feel free to judge-- cause that IS ghetto!). We took a car there too. And then one home. And then this conversation ensued:

AJ - "Sara, these cars are expensive!"
Me- "Yep."
AJ- "I mean is there any other way we can get around?"
Me- "Well yeah- we could take the bus home- it will take about an hour, but that's pretty normal"
AJ- "Hm.. I guess I don't need souvenirs-- call that car!"

Alright-- car was called. But after that day, we calmed down with the taxis and Meme, Aunt Janet, and Stacy learned to love the Subway. I'm going to continue this blog via pictures with captions-- I feel like the pictures really capture the experiences more! So I present to you-- the rest of our adventure, in pictures... Are some of them awkwardly tiny? Yes. Are they in any particular order? No. Should I be spending my time reading "Blogging for Dummies"? Yes. But since I'm not-- you're just gonna have to take it as it is!

Pop-Tarts World-- Nuff said.
Just some sisterly engagement photos
Stacy was throwing leaves on my face for effect... she's such an artist.
We conquered Alice AND her wonderland.
And then we brunched at Alice's Tea Cup. And took awkwardly small photos.
Not the bouquet. It's lovely, right??
This one's for you mom. We wanted to buy them so you could have them all on the tree but with these NYC prices, I was only able to afford the Middle Child one-- hope that's okay! :)
So ominous!
Rockin' the mitten-gloves-- it was so CHILLY!
Meme enjoyed every minute of the subway rides-- it's written all over her face.
Only the Southerners can truly appreciate the euphoria experienced when we spotted the "Daisy's Grits" kiosk. Brilliant-- educated them Yanks, Daisy! Grits are so TASTY.
Lego Santa!
At the parade in Times Square
BEST SISTER EVER! Thanks for coming to visit me!!!

I love my family and am SO thankful they were here - can't wait for the epic Christmas fun to come in less than three weeks!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Once Upon A Time... We Carried A Christmas Tree To Queens From Manhattan

Okay so I know I was supposed to blog each day about Thanksgiving this week to share all the awesomeness that was had ... but I had to insert the experience I had this evening with Leticia and Angie. We first went and had some awesome Indian food at the place with the crazy lights ...

Then we had some amazing cheesecake at this Italian bakery. On the way to the bakery, we spotted the Christmas trees outside of a little grocery store. I have been telling Leticia for weeks that I was determined to get a real Christmas tree this year. She always responded with looks of doubt and a slight smirk, as if to say "Okay, that's a cute idea... I'm not carrying a tree up those stairs!"

So as we passed by the trees I stopped to assess the prices and sturdiness of the little guys. I consulted the salesman and a conversation somewhat like this transpired...

Me: "How much is the tree?"
Salesman: "Tree?"
Me: "Yeah, these trees, how much are they?"
Salesman: (Funny look... then proceeds to flip over the pricetag that's in front of my face)
Me: "Oh okay, great. Then what happens? Do I need a stand?"
Salesman: "Stand?"
Me: (Excessive hand gestures) "Yeah, a stand? Right?"
Salesman: "Stand?"
Me: (Realizing I may need an interpreter... good thing Leticia speaks fluent Spanish)
Leticia: ammused silence
Me: (Continued gestures) "A stand- like to hold it?"
Salesman: (Grabs the stand) "Oh yes- $15"
Me: "Okay... I'll take it. Angie- hold this tree. Come inside the store and hold the tree- it's fine!"
Angie: (Look of hatred) "For real? We're taking the tree in the store? Is that allowed?"
Me: "It's fine! I'm a customer! Bring the tree!"
Angie: (Holds the tree inside with continued look of hatred)
Me: (Excessive happiness)
We then proceed to carry the tree seven blocks and stop at the CVS (naturally) to pick up some decorations. They didn't make the cut for the big move!

Me: "Angie- hold the tree inside, we have to get decorations!"
Angie: (Same look- I'm sure you're getting the picture now) "We are NOT taking the tree into CVS!"
Me: "It's fine- it has an automatic door- let's go!"
Angie: (Holding the tree in CVS- in disbelief)
Woman in Wheelchair: (As she rolls by Angie) "If only I had a camera"
We purchased our festive decorations and proceeded on home. Did we shove the tree in the back of our suburban and turn the radio and heat on as we journeyed back to the apt? NOPE-- we surely did head on down to the L train with tree in hand. Were people a bit surprised? Perhaps. Annoyed? Probably. Was the train completely packed? Of COURSE. Here's a little idea of how cool we looked:
There was a lovely man (slightly intoxicated) who helped us brace the tree for the ride and informed us that we should add aspirin to the water for the tree. I think maybe he just had a headache. Who knows? I didn't add any aspirin-- cause really, who owns aspirin??

Anyway- we trekked the half mile home after the subway ride, mounted the three flights of stairs, and finally got back to our humble abode. We proceeded to decorate to the crooning of ole Frank, Dean, and Sammy on the Rat Pack Christmas CD. Does it get better than that? Nope- don't think so!

All in all-- one of my favorite nights in the city! I promise to tell about Thanksgiving soon-- this just had to be shared!

Hooray for the Christmas season!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Blogging BLITZ!

Alright folks, prepare yourselves for a little Thanksgiving blogging BLITZ to catch up on the past two weeks of blog barrenness. (There were way too many double letters in that guy for it to be correct-- no time to check now!)

I've known for awhile that Stacy, Aunt Janet, and Meme were going to be comin' on up to the Big Apple for Thanksgiving and I was going to be prepared to set out a feast for my personal favorite holiday. I decided the only way to ensure that those sweet potatoes tasted just right was to do a full-on Thanksgiving dry-run. Turkey and everything. A little excessive? Probably. Tasty fun for everyone? YEP! So I feel like the pictures tell the story... so without further adieu.. the dry run..

I decided to cook the pies the night before... cause I was already stretching things by starting to cook a turkey AFTER I got home from work. So in go the pies...
Aren't they pretty? And for those of you who are curling up your nose right now saying "Where is the pumpkin pie?"-- to you, I say, quiet down. The pecan pie is truly the unsung hero of the thanksgiving meal. Who wants to eat orange gel? Not I. Thank you Sue Beth for the scrumptious recipe and patience as I called frequently for step-by-step assistance. No shame.
Out came the turkey... in its bag.. and I had no idea how to know if it was good or not...
But my guests were present and it was about 9:00 by this time... so I made the executive decision that the turkey was eatable. So we sat down to a lovely meal...
Andrew insisted on including me in the pic. He's such a peach.

So that, in a nutshell, was the dry-run Thanksgiving dinner. In the end, it was delicious and things went a lot smoother than I expected! Who said cooking a turkey is hard?? I mean it only took me 24 years of observing to try it out on my own. And I've decided that anyone can make perfect sweet potatoes if you have enough brown sugar and butter on hand. However... I did forget the cranberry sauce in the fridge... rookie mistake. All in all, it was a great night and a fabulous pre-Thanksgiving celebration in ole Glendale!

Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving updates to come...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

And Then There Were Two


Leticia is my latest addition to my humble abode in good ole Glendale, Queens. Once upon a time I had a two bedroom apartment with no other occupant. While I thoroughly enjoyed paying the full rent myself, I was thinking it might be nice to have another member of the 71-10 household. Enter Leticia. She moved up here in September from Austin and we had a mutual friend from there who told us we should get together for coffee/dinner/whatever it is New Yorkers do fun. So we met on the top of the Empire State Building... okay I'm kidding, but we did meet at this burger place that has iPads you order from and subsequently play with.. what?? So we get together for dinner, within 20 minutes I've assessed that she's a true Texas and has a deep love/respect for good food, so I know that we are going to be friends. She begins to tell me here saga of relocating to the Big Apple and explains her current living situation which includes living in a tiny box in Manhattan with four other people and a cat. Ew. So I take the opportunity to look like a real freak and inform the stranger who I just met that I have an extra bedroom and she's welcome to move in if she wants! Yep, after 20 minutes. Haha-- guess it's good that my intuition was right this time! A month later, she moved in and it's been so much fun! So I thought I should give her a shout out and also inform all of you readers so that when you picture yourself here with me in my New York life, you can know who's sleeping in the next room.

Apparently today is National Running Day... Leticia informed me of this when she returned home from her five mile run. I'm sitting on the couch and have no intention of going for a run... but it did take me back to two years ago at this time when preparation for the Bearathon began. Ohhh the memories. I think I'll stick to the couch and hope that my extensive commute each morning/evening will excuse my intake of sweet treats in this glorious city!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

'Tis the Season... To Attend Mysterious Political Rallies

I'm not even going to apologize this time for the tardiness of this blog post. By this time, if you're still checking for updates, you know I'm lazy and scattered and blog randomly. So on that note...

A few weeks ago I decided to go visit my dear friend and former roommate Christy, who is in grad school in Washington D.C. I've never been to D.C. so I thought it would be a grand opportunity to have a personal guide around our nation's great capital. I had recently discovered that you can take a bus round trip for $35.00, so I was all about that road trip! I took my time to buy my ticket (I mean how many people are randomly headed to D.C. for the weekend??) so last Tuesday when I got around to searching online for bus trips, I was a bit baffled when I saw that they were all SOLD OUT. I had no idea what this was all about. I was later informed that John Stewart and Stephen Colbert were having a "Rally for Sanity or Fear" ... which apparently means "Everyone from the ages of 19-25, come to D.C. for the weekend".

I finally found a ticket on a ghetto-fabulous website for Washington Deluxe Buses. I quickly bought the ticket and wiped the sweat from my brow... only to have the sweat reform as I read some reviews of the bus company. Why I didn't think of this before I put in my credit card information, I'm not sure-- but most of the reviews consisted of phrases such as "three hours longer" and "disgusting" and "credit card fraud". Awesome. At this point, there was nothing I could do.. so I clung to the two positive reviews (out of like 50) and remained positive! Luckily, the Washington Deluxe people must have consulted their negative reviews and made some changes, because my trip was absolutely delightful! I'm gonna have to write a Yelp review to help redeem the company. But let's be real- I'm too lazy to update my blog, I doubt that review is gonna happen!

On the way there, we stopped midway at the Delaware Welcome Center. My memories of welcome centers on family road trips include brochures about state parks, vending machines behind bars, and large trucks. Now don't get me wrong.. I love the South... but I have never felt more welcomed to a state than I did entering that tiny (mostly forgotten) state. I walked into this beautiful marble building that had a full food court including a Starbucks and a full organic market... what?! No Doritos behind bars or shady puddles of water in an outdoor bathroom (Mississippi- take notes). It was incredible. I didn't want to leave. My D.C. trip was already worth it. Low standards? Perhaps. But I'm telling you-- go to the Delaware Welcome Center and you won't regret it.

I got to D.C. and Christy was the perfect hostess. We went to the rally (along with over 200,000 other people who didn't know what they were going to!) and saw secret guest stars: John Legend, Cat Stevens, Ozzy Ozbourne, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow... and some others I don't remember. It was pretty cool! They did some funny stuff and John Stewart gave a little speech at the end-- it was definitely the best political rally I've ever been to. I also got a sunburn... in 40 degree weather in October. That was great too. Christy and I both walked around like raccoons for the rest of the weekend, but we just called it our Halloween costumes, so I think we pulled it off.

This is the only historical-ish D.C.-ey picture I took. I'm a bad citizen, I know. Cupcakes were more imporant.

If you've seen the TLC show DC Cupcakes (I haven't) this is the cupcake shop they follow. I didn't expect to be impressed... I mean I've had a lot of good cupcakes in my day. But the salted caramel cupcake I had here was hands down the best cupcake of all time. No question. That alone made the ten hour round trip in the bus totally worth it!


All in all, my trip to D.C. was fabulous! I didn't even mention the Holocaust Museum which I could have spent all day in. It was incredible-- definitely go there and give yourself a good chunk of time to spend, because it's fascinating. I love NYC... but a weekend getaway to ole D.C. was a lovely little vaca! Hooray for living in a place where I can drive through four states and still have half the day left :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Life As A Mobster's Wife

I work in what you might call a "challenging" neighborhood. You know it's rough when your lunch options are Dunkin' Donuts or the creepy Mr. Softee ice cream truck that drives by on the half hour. But so far my work has been good and I've enjoyed working with my clients in the area-- so no major complaints. We start work promptly at 9:00am... we are expected to be there on time without being late, but the doors open right at 9:00, so you can't really be early either. Well, my schedule relies on Mr. M Train and Ms. L Train, so sometimes I don't arrive exactly at 9:00am and encounter some issues. This was my situation last Wednesday. I got off the train like 15 minutes early, so I stopped in at the local deli/convenient store/99 cent store/laundromat (they're really into multi-tasking) and got my 50 cent hot tea and waltzed on to work. I get there and the doors are locked and the bars are chained (I said it was "challenging") and I just have to wait for a supervisor to get there, since I am but a lowly entry-level social worker. I notice just down the sidewalk a bit a man with a shopping cart filled to the brim with stuff who is talking to himself. I don't think much of it and continue to enjoy my earl gray. My friend with the cart then decides to wheel over to approach me. The following is the conversation that took place... I will refer to the man as SCM (shopping cart man)...

SCM: You work here??
Me: Yes I do- can I help you?
SCM: No you don't-- you're LYIN'! This place has been closed for YEARS!
Me: (Confused) Um, well, we were open yesterday.
SCM: No you WEREN'T... you're LYIN'! (slight pause) You smoke crack?
Me: (Even more confused-- and slightly alarmed) Um, nope. Nope, I don't.
SCM: Ah, you're LYIN'. You don't gotta worry, I ain't gonna tell the cops! I got a kilo o'crack-- you wanna buy a kilo o'crack?
Me: (Wishing desperately for my supervisor to arrive) Um, no I'm good thanks.
SCM: You smoke weed? You smoke anything?
Me: No- I really don't. I don't smoke anything. (Kind of thinking I should have just said yes so we'd have something to relate about!)
(At this point I'm convinced he's just NEVER going to believe what I say)
SCM: (creepily and slowly looks me up and down) You look like a mobster's wife!
Me: (I had no words... what the HECK do you say to that? What does that even mean? I don't look Italian!)
SCM: (spots my tea) You know, someone's gonna throw that tea in your face and then put a jinx on you and then say have a nice day!
Me: (Still no words... at all.)
.... then SCM walks away with his cart. Cursing about his kilo o'crack.

My supervisor arrives about two minutes later and as she's unlocking the door I tell her a summary of the interaction I just had, to which she responds "Sara, why are you talking to these men?? Do not talk to these men!!"

... At what point in that conversation did I INVITE any of those comments? What exactly was I supposed to do? Guess I'll have a chat with Mr. M and Ms. L and make sure that they deliver me to my work no earlier and no later than 9:00am. MY BAD.

I mean I guess the only thing to do at this point is look for one of those long skinny cigarette holders and some fur to complete my mobster's wife costume for Halloween. Thank you for the brilliant idea SCM. I'm sure we will meet again...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Better late than never?

Once again I must apologize for the tardiness of this posting. But hey-- at least now I have a job to use as an excuse rather than just pure laziness!

These past couple of weeks have had a running theme of me trying to figure out how to adjust back to the days of bedding down at a reasonable hour and rising early in the morn - preferably without having to hit the snooze button more than 12 times. Spending a month with no morning schedule was not exactly a step in the right direction of me learning how to set an internal clock. I think it might be a lost cause. Guess I'll keep setting all four of those alarms! (Don't judge.)

So two weekends ago, my old Baylor friends Scott and Danielle came to play in ole NYC and had the great idea to take the Staton Island Ferry (FREE!!) to get a close-up glimpse of Lady Liberty. It was so fun! And it's the closest I can to Her (I feel it's appropriate to capitalize the H) without paying an arm and a leg. Well done with the free tip, Danielle :)

Note the ferry that's really close full of people... who paid $18... suckers!! Something else that was awesome that Danielle, Scott and I did was attend the Upright Citizens Brigade FREE Improv show. This is an Improv group started by Amy Poehler and friends and now and again she hosts the show. Well lo and behold, as we take our seats for the show, who should appear but Mrs. Poehler herself, accompanied by Horatio Sans, Seth Myers, Mr. BELDING from Saved By The Bell and Kenneth and Lutz from 30 Rock (I don't know their real names!). It was hilarious and awesome. I took Angie and Andrew with me the next Sunday in hopes that the same All-Star cast would be there... and none of them were. Oops. My bad! But hey-- all free laughs, so no complaints!

Things at work are going well-- I officially knew things were going to work out earlier this week when a male co-worker of mine, an educated man in his late twenties, came into my office (that I share with three other people) and started playing Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid and he, another co-worker and myself sang along to the ENTIRE song. While the other co-workers watched in awe (or maybe annoyance... but I'll pretend it was awe). It was beautiful... I wish you could have been there. I knew then that no matter how tough the job gets... I can always break for a Disney sing-along and the world will be right again.

"What's that word again? Oh.. feet..." Gotta love her.

A couple of days ago I was at Starbucks in the evening reading and I met an older man from Albania who sat down at my table and began talking to me. Actually it was silent until he started laughing at me, when I realized I was singing along to John Lennon's "Imagine" at full voice as I was reading in public... story of my life. Anyway, we started chatting and he informs me that he's lived in the same apartment in the Lower East Side since 1960. He pays $200/month in rent for his two-bedroom apartment because of rent control. In the Lower East Side. His neighbor has the same apartment and pays $3000/month. Yes, really. It may have been slightly inappropriate since I had just met this gentleman, but I requested that should anything happen where he "moves out" of his apartment (slash, we both knew I meant when he kicks the bucket), I'd be happy to take over his lease and we wouldn't need to mention anything to anyone about it. I think he's really considering it. Things are looking promising! It was lovely to chat with him though-- he had a lot of great stories. Apparently he goes to that Starbucks every night so I'm hoping to see him again!!

I've had some pretty awkward run-ins with attempted pick up lines... or simple compliments/observations?? Yesterday I was walking to work and someone shouted at me "Yo snowflake!" and kept walking. I didn't actually make eye contact so I can't be SURE this comment was directed at me... but since I am the only white person I ever see anywhere near where I work.. I'm assuming he was calling out to me and my alabaster skin. It was new- I'll give him that.
Today I was walking to training and a man in a van was stopped at a stop sign and as I walked by (too slowly apparently) he says to me "Hey- those are some sexy feet".
What?? I didn't even know how to respond. I was literally rendered speechless and just kept walking. A) I don't think feet have the ability to be sexy, B) My feet were half covered in mud because I make inappropriate shoe choices in the rain, and C) How did he come up with that so quickly??
And then there was the time I was walking down the stairs to the subway and a man walking up the stairs came close to my face with wide eyes and says in a strange whisper "You have nice eyes". Kind of alarming. But, thank you? I just don't know how to respond to these unorthodox comments. Guess I'll take the compliments where I can get them? And yes, I know, being called a snowflake probably shouldn't be taken as a compliment... but I'm gonna pretend that was his intention.

I booked my ticket home for Christmas last week so I'm PUMPED about that! I only get 5 days at home since I'm a real adult now... but I'm thankful and can't wait to spend time with the fam, friends, and Chick-Fil-A! Until then... it's more singin' out loud and walkin' around ole NYC with my sexy feet!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Love the 90's

Because I have a ridiculously bad memory, I keep a running log of things I want to blog about in list form on my phone. I had a pretty good one going... and then my phone decided to erase the list and re-load a list I made like a month ago. No idea why... and I'm real annoyed. But anyway- I will try and do my best to remember!

I need to let everyone know that while New York seems to be an advanced city- at the forefront of innovation... I can't help but feeling sometimes like I'm living in the 90's. Last week at work, I was informed that our computers don't have the Internet on them, but we have a "computer lab" where we can use the Internet if we need to get a "map" for our home visits or help a client find a job or something like that. My days of chatting to Josh and Erika via the Google chatter throughout my work day are no longer. Farewell brother/friend :( I was then instructed by my supervisor to handwrite my schedule for the week. Put it on my calendar on Outlook Express and share it with my co-workers? Nope, write it out. By hand. I asked if there was an electronic copy available and she handed me a floppy disk. Yep, that's right-- the black, squre floppy disk we all remember from fifteen years ago. I had some trouble remembering how to insert the disk into the ancient computers. But I finally administered the disk and retrieved the document. I then got on the bus, went home to fill up my ice trays and watched some kids play hopscotch. The nineties folks... if you miss this beloved decade, please come join me!

This weekend I went to a friend's art show and afterwards we went to a Milk Bar. What's a milk bar, you might ask? Well... it's exactly what it sounds like.. kind of. It serves all different kinds of milk-- regular, strawberry, chocolate, and cereal milks (flavored with different cereals- so like the fruit loop cereal milk kind of tastes like the milk after you finish eating fruit loops, etc.). They also make milkshakes with the different milks and random soft serve flavors. My friend decided to sample the potato chip ice cream... it was as disgusting as it sounds. Imagine taking a potato, pouring milk and sugar over it, and chilling it for a few hours. Then dig in. SICK. They also serve pie (as you should, when there's so much milk) so I had what they call crack pie. Imagine pecan pie without the pecans and condensed into an even more intense filling. It was delicious... and addictive... just like crack. So, my experience at the milk bar began a little shakily with the potato chip ice cream disaster, but ended well. I'm definitely gonna need to go back again!

I have officially decided on a church here and a small group bible study that I will attend each week. I'm so very thankful that the Lord has provided this community! It's been a real blessing to be surrounded by other believers-- even if only a couple of times a week. The church is called Apostles NYC, pastored by JR Vassar (A Texan!)- so feel free to check it out online.

Work is going well-- I'm getting slightly more busy and getting to know my co-workers better. It's off to more training for me tomorrow. Hooray! Maybe we'll all get our own individual floppy disks to take home with the handouts. Hey- a girl can dream!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm A Big Girl Now... Where Are My Keys??

Well today was my first day back to the workforce. I should be sleeping right now, but because I have led a bum-lifestyle the past thirty days, my internal clock is a bit skewed. It was NOT pleased at 7:00 this morning-- nor will it be tomorrow morning! But I'll take this chance to provide an update for you all. The first day at work was as boring as expected-- two hours watching a movie regarding HIPAA regulations (no worries- your health information is confidential at Catholic Charities), four hours of reading policies and procedures, 15 minutes eating lunch, and approximately 2.75 hours spent staring at my empty desk. Half of my co-workers are out for training and so there was only one girl in the office with me. She wasn't super talkative and so I was concerned about our future friendship (yes.. I need to be friends with all my coworkers). That is, until this conversation took place. I will use CW as her initials...

**Following about two straight hours of no talking, only listening to really bad R&B (redundant?)**
CW: So... how's your appetite?
S: (confused) Um... I'm sorry, what?
CW: Your appetite.
S: (I already had lunch-- what's she saying??) My appetite? Um.. what..?
CW: Do you like to EAT?
S: Oh... yeah, I mean absolutely, I love eating!
CW: Okay good, you'll fit in good here then. We really like to eat.

Whew... I'm totally fitting in. Next week I'm bringing cookies to seal friendships with the absent co-workers. I'm not above it! I feel good about my new work environment. Too bad we work in the ghetto and there's no Starbucks to take "team-building" trips to. I miss you, STARRY! I guess there's always the corner deli. A good old fashioned honey bun is good any time of day!

I also need to share my Labor Day story. Angie was hanging out with me for the day and we were at my apartment and hadn't really done anything all day and decided we would go see a movie. It was about 4:30 and we were about to leave when I realized I needed to show Angie the roof and how cool it was. It's actually not that cool and I'm not sure why it was imperative that I show her right then at that moment, and not just on our way out. I decided I'd just leave the door unlocked- we'd be right back down in a minute. So we shut the door, perused around the roof, then came back down. To a locked door. Apparently my bottom lock locked on its own and so there we were-- no keys, no phones, no wallets, no NOTHING. In an empty apartment building. With the landlord out of town. Awesome.

So, Angie has some amateur lock-picking skills and she went to work with the bobby pin she found in the foyer (such a little MacGyver!). Meanwhile, I'm knocking on all the doors of the apartments surrounding me trying to find someone with a phone. You see, I always knew I would eventually lock myself out, which is why I entrusted my spare key to my good friend, Andrew. However, I was not prepared for a situation in which I did not have my phone-- and I did NOT have Andrew's cell phone number memorized. I finally found some neighbors, used their phone to track down Andrew's number... no answer. The neighbors gave us some tools, I found some more scrap metal on the roof, and Angie continued to work at the lock. It is now 6:30. The movie had come and gone. Thankfully, about this time, the neighbor's husband came home as I'm once again using their phone. He grabs a shockingly large screwdriver, heads upstairs and mutters something about his "special forces training" and proceeds to work some magic with the screwdriver and bust in the door with his body. Without breaking anything. Angie and I stood there with our mouths hanging open in awe. It was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen... also I was beyond relieved that we no longer had to stand and sweat in the hallway! I must give it to Angie though-- I believe she would have had that lock picked eventually. She's so bright! I basically stared at the door for two hours, pretending to help with the flashlight now and again. Bottom line-- Labor Day was more laborious than my first day of actual work. Oh the irony. I think I'm going to give a spare key to the special forces family downstairs.

All in all-- a productive couple of days... kind of? I did meet two guys from Austin tonight at a church event-- so that was cool! Apparently there are a lot of Texans at my church... I knew I liked that place. I hope we have a barbeque soon!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Movie With A View

Last night I attended the Brooklyn Bridge Park Movies With A View showing of the Marilyn Monroe classic, "Some Like It Hot". As you can see from the pics, it was pretty magical! The view was incredible and the weather was pretty perfect. I definitely love taking advantage of all the free activities in the city! I had never before seen a movie with Marilyn Monroe in it... so I feel more cultured after the experience. Unfortunately, I discovered this event on its last week-- so I'll have to wait until next June to take part in it again. So start planning your visits for next summer and we'll go see a Movie With A View! :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Avoid the Queens B&B

Today I was sitting at Starbucks, enjoying my free chai - courtesy of my birthday Starbucks gift cards (thanks guys!) and I decided I would read the New York Post that was left behind on the table. I thought to myself- this will be good, I haven't read/watched the news in awhile, so it's good that I get caught up and know what's going on in the world. I begin to read and am shocked by the amount of celebrity news that's in the newspaper. Now don't get me wrong... I love a good People magazine (it's the only crossword that doesn't make me feel like an idiot!) but I was trying to really catch up on the happenings of the world but I found myself reading about Lindsay Lohan's fifteenth proclamation that she's going to turn her life around. Then the last half of the paper was just ads and page long lists of "unclaimed land recipients" (which I'm not one). I finished the paper and sighed thinking to myself, "Well I guess that's why I don't read the news- it's all useless... I mean if this is the New York Post, what are non-legit papers printing??" Later today I was at my friend Andrew's apartment sharing this story with Andrew and his roommates Kevin and Kelsy. Kevin, who has been attending Columbia for the past couple of years (making him a local as far as I'm concerned) informed me that the New York Post is in fact NOT a legit newspaper and I had basically wasted my time. I just assumed the Times and the Post were comparable... apparently while the New York Times and the Washington Post are good newspapers, the New York Post and the Washington Times are not. Seriously? What is wrong with these newspaper people? I now will no longer read the news because it's too hard to figure out HOW to read the news.

ANYWAY- to explain the title of this post, I will share with you a story from the New York Post that was probably my favorite. This past weekend a woman was staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Queens (not sure why anyone would do that... perhaps there are pockets of Queens far far from me that are beautiful and tranquil?) and the owners of said B&B were monkey-owners. Always an amenity one looks for in a B&B-- free monkey interaction. Apparently as this woman was sleeping, the monkey snuck into her room and bit the woman in her FACE. The woman had to be hospitalized due to the damage. I think there are about 12 morals of this story- the most obvious being do not leave your door open at a B&B where there are exotic animals. So I mean honestly, if the Post wants to continue printing stories like these, I think I might prefer it to the Times. Who needs to know about a hurricane threatening my existence here in the Northeast? Did the Post mention anything about that? Of course not-- why would you when there are rabid monkeys biting off faces of Queenslings on their staycations? THAT, my friends, is news.

Yesterday I had a meeting with the HR people at Catholic Charities (the agency I'm going to be working for)- where I filled out about 78 forms to prove I'm not a child molester or criminal, and will officially start work on Tuesday. FINALLY. Don't get me wrong- the break has been great and it's given me an opportunity to start figuring out this city.. but I'm ready for a routine and, more importantly, an INCOME. Cause those Starbucks cards are running THIN- and I've formed a strong attachment to the chai. Feel free to send gifts.

Also I apologize for the lull in blogging... I have absolutely no excuse for this since you know that I have no job or obligations at this time. I'm going to blame my friend Katie who gets the prize for best birthday present ever- a 3 month membership to Netflix. I finished Arrested Development Season 1 at an embarrassingly quick rate. Anyway- I'll try and be more diligent as I encounter more exciting/strange things her in ole NYC!

Monday, August 23, 2010

One additional bullet point...

I was reminded (awoken) by a rather sharp, but deserved, 1:30am text from Angie that I neglected to highlight a very important event from our weekend o'fun. Please forgive my negligence...
  • On Thursday night, Janell, Angie, and I went to see WICKED!! It was absolutely wonderful, of course, and Defying Gravity gave me chills. We had awesome seats in the Orchestra section... next to a couple of whom the woman spoke no English, so her boyfriend/brother/interpreter had to explain everything that happened in Spanish. That was probably my favorite part. But seriously-- definitely a huge highlight of the past few days, and I'm not sure how I remembered to highlight my rat siting, and not Wicked. So there ya go!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh where are those windshield wipers?

For those of you who know me well, you may know two small facts about me... 1) I do not like driving and therefore was more than happy to sell my car and move to the land of public transit and 2) I love rainy weather and prefer it to the sun (No... not just because I'm extremely pale). Both of these facts may have changed about me today, due to the flash flooding experience I endured today, alongside my dear friend Janell (the one who's not me in the above pics) who has been up visiting for the past five days. Though we were armed with umbrellas and had established transit routes with the least amount of exposure to the elements, nothing could have prepared us for the afternoon of wetness that was to ensue. As Janell and I stood waiting for the bus with no awning for sanctuary for at least 15 minutes in the pouring rain, I- for the first time in two weeks- began to miss my beloved Nissan and her ever-faithful windshield wipers. And as I wrung out my clothes after we arrived back at my apartment, I decided that perhaps rain was not in fact my favorite weather-- perhaps only from afar... under shelter... taking a nap. So... next time you're complaining about the rain storm as you run from your office to your parking spot ten feet away... remember to be thankful for your windshield wipers!

These past few days have been crazy and awesome. I'm going to share some of the highlights in bullet form, so as to not lose your attention...

  • We saw Mike Myers walking through Little Italy carrying a hockey stick. Yes, I'm sure it was him- Janell spotted him first and then Angie and I stalked him down to verify it. Apparently celebrities play hockey just like the rest of us.
  • We helped Angie move into her new dorm room... which is so much nicer than my Baylor dorm ever pretended to be. WHY is it so expensive to go there?!
  • Saw a speed limit sign for 17 mph. Don't even think about going 18 mph.
  • Janell, Chris, and I went to a comedy show at the Upright Citizens Brigade. And it was HILARIOUS. Tears and stomach cramps all around.
  • The power went out in my apt so my landlord (who's about 80) had to get up and switch the breaker like 3 times to make it work again... and he was in his cute old-man pajamas. Ok this isn't really an interesting highlight... he was just so cute in the pajamas! I should have taken a pic, I know.
  • I had my first rat sighting... no- not in my apartment. He/she was tucked safely in the subway tracks. You'll know when I see a rat in my apartment... because that will be the day I return to Texas!
  • Ate one of the best sandwiches I've ever had in my life at the Majestic Delicatessen Cafe... it's all in the name.
  • Went to church tonight and it was great. Loved being with fellow believers and worshiping together!
  • Had my laundry done. I know, I'm such a poser for having my background as the laundromat, and maybe this makes me snobby, but I made use of the "same-day laundry drop-off service" at the nearest laundromat. I dropped off all my clothes, towels, etc and the lovely laundry lady, Linda (perfect for the alliteration, I know), washed, bleached, dry-cleaned (when necessary) and perfectly folded/hung all my laundry- and hid dryer sheets within the folds to keep that fresh scent. All within a day. While I was playing in the city. Now, I could have done the laundry myself for approximately $10-$12... Linda charged me $15. Safe to say, I'm never doing my laundry again. No shame!
  • I apologize for the length of the last bullet point.
So as you can see- life has been eventful. I will be having a meeting with HR either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week and starting my new job within the next couple of weeks as soon as everything gets processed and whatnot. In the meantime, it's more navigating this crazy city and figuring out where I fit!

Also... I'm going to sweaty yoga again tomorrow. No, I do not know how it happened. Yes, I will be bringing twice the amount of water. No, I will not be wearing boxer briefs like my old man friend. Yes, I am attempting to sweat out the thirty pounds of junk food I ate in the last 72 hours.

Have a fabulous August 23rd!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweaty Yoga

Well I guess I can officially call myself a New Yorker, because I have experienced Bikram Yoga. For those of you who are not familiar with this little hobby- Bikram Yoga is a combination of 26 different yoga poses practiced in a room that is 106 degrees at 40% humidity. I know- you probably want to run out right now and find your closest yoga studio to inquire about this enticing sport! So, for those of you who know me well, probably know that I would not NATURALLY by drawn to this sort of activity... but my dear friend Audrey asked me to come along and so I put together some sort of yoga-ish outfit and headed on my way. I figured the class would be around 30-45 minutes-- because I mean, who could survive those kind of heat conditions for much longer?? Even as a Texan, that's a bit too long of a stretch without an air conditioning/snack break! So I brought in my liter of water and Audrey and I assumed our positions on the yoga mats. We were ten minutes early.. I suggest being late if you ever attend.. the 10 minute pre-sweat added nothing to my experience! As we're beginning the class, I see that you can do Bikram yoga in any sort of outfit really-- bikinis, workout clothes-- or like my neighbor, the middle-aged man who came in nothing but gray boxer-briefs. Awesome.

So the class begins.. I'm already sweating due to our punctuality, and we start doing the poses and I'm enjoying myself. I'm drinking my water and keeping up with the crowd, so things are going well. The class started at 10:00 so at about 10:40 I'm thinking we're going to wrap up pretty quickly... I'm still thinking the same thing at 11:00... and 11:10... and 11:15. Around 11:15 my water is hot and almost gone and I'm feeling nauseous. The class finishes at 11:30 and we are instructed to lay on the mats as long as we need to and then exit. I felt the cool breeze from the opening door and raced out as quickly as possible-- probably not the best yoga move, but I was going on my 100th minute in 106 degrees. I was NOT thinking about finding my center!

All in all, my experience was a good one. I'm happy I have a friend who encourages me to try new things (even if it requires soaking my clothes with sweat for an undetermined amount of time!) and I'm extremely sore today, so it must have been a good work out... slash I may have done all the poses improperly. So my suggestion-- if you get the chance to try it, give Bikram a whirl! Just take a lot of water... and prepare for the long haul!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

And we have a paycheck...

So for the first time since being in the ole Big Apple, I'm breathing deeply. Because today, while shopping Target for extension cords (not sure why the constructors of my apartment thought 2 plugs would be enough for the whole building)-- I received a call from the Program Director of Catholic Charities Family Support Center (one of the jobs I interviewed for on Friday) and she offered me the position!! I accepted the position- probably a little TOO eagerly- and she said HR will be contacting me by the end of this week/beginning of next and everything should be good for me to start right after Labor Day!

I can not begin to express the relief that overcame me at that moment. I had to put down my basket of extension cords and just smile and offer up prayers of thanksgiving to the Lord as the woman continues to talk about benefits and whatnot.

SUCH a blessing. I'm so excited to start the work and so thankful for the Lord's continued provision along this little trek. He is always faithful!

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement during this time-- it has meant the world to me!

So now I'm off to two more weeks of exploring the city, getting lost, and finding more free activities!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Black-And-White Cookies

What you are observing is the New York special Black and White Cookie, sometimes called the Half Moon. I went on a search in the Upper East Side to find the "best in the city"... and it was delicious! So come visit me... and we'll have cookies :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Awkward Encounters Ensue...

Well it has been an exciting few days... filled with job interviews, getting off at the wrong bus stops (AGAIN), and creepy guys asking for my number on the subway. Good times. The job interviews went well and I should hear back from them next week so we'll see!! I'm gonna need an income pretty soon though-- I'm blowin' through the list of "100 free things to do in New York" list at a rapid pace!

Last night I went with my dear friend Audrey to this Indian food restaurant where she personally knows the owner, Babu (yes, pronounced like Aladdin's monkey-friend)-- Babu learned my name quickly and continually came to our table asking how we were, and kissing Audrey on the cheek. Things were slightly uncomfortable... but we got free mango ice cream, so I guess it's fine? I sincerely wish I had taken a picture of the place-- it's a tiny long room that is decorated from floor to ceiling with sequins and streamers and blown up beach balls are hanging from the roof. They also do a birthday dance where Babu flicked on and off the light switch to create a strobe-light-like environment and the waiters sing what I can only assume was an Indian rendition of Happy Birthday. It was pretty magical. The the birthday table decided to open up their sparkling water or whatever it was and it spewed ALL OVER me and Audrey. Awesome. Babu was apologetic and gave out more hugs and kisses. We took this as our cue to leave. I'm definitely going back.

Tonight I went up to my friend Andrew's rooftop and looked at his incredible view of the city. Then I proceeded to go home on the Subway where this conversation transpired:

(I'm sitting on the R train drafting a text message- since there's no reception down under and this guy comes and sits next to me.)

Guy: Nice phone, what is it?
Me: Um, an iPhone
Guy: Oh cool... yeah I could use one of those for nursing.
Me: (confused) For what??
Guy: Nursing, I'm a nurse... what do you do?
Me: Social Work
Guy: Oh yeah there's a lotta jerks who do that
Me: (still confused) Um... okay.
Guy: Hey you wanna get a drink?
Me: (REALLY confused) No, I don't think so - I'm on my way home.
Guy: Oh not right now, like a rein check
Me: No, I don't think so
Guy: Are you single?
Me: (Ooo an OUT!) Nope.
Guy: Yes you are
Me: (Why can he see right through me?! RUDE.) No, I'm not.
Guy: Are you married?
Me: No (WHY did I need to be honest now??)
Guy: Then it doesn't count!
**uncomfortable silence**
Guy: Can I look you up on Facebook?
Me: Um, I guess
Guy: What's your name?
Me: Sara Henderson (CRAP why did I just say my last name?! I hate myself!!!)
Guy: Sara with an h?
Me: Yes, there's an h (WHAT?! Yeah, cause THAT'S gonna keep him from finding you, Sara-- IDIOT)
Guy: Awesome- see ya. (Guy exits train)

... I feel like I made 18 mistakes in that exchange. Moral of this story... always pretend to be a mute late at night on the train. And from now on I'm married with three children. Needless to say, I changed my Facebook settings so he won't be able to find me. Not sure why I cracked under the pressure.

All in all-- an eventful start to the weekend. Thank you for all your prayers and support during this time of transition-- God has been so faithful and continues to amaze me each day!! Can't wait to see what this next week holds...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Start Spreadin' The News...

Well folks- I made it. I'm here in NYC, unemployed, and ready for this little adventure!

My dad and I left on Friday on our two and a half day trek across the country. To the left is a photo of my dad and I at the Arkansas welcome center. I feel like this pic really narrates the trip for you. There were a lot of rocking chairs involved- primarily because of the frequency at which we stopped at the Cracker Barrels along the way.

When we arrived, after hours of Barry Manilow playlists and meals of powdered donuts, we were joined by my sweet landlady and her husband who helped us start unloading the truck until my friends from good ole T-High, Andrew, Sarah, and Matt, arrived to help unloading. Definitely could NOT have done that without everyone involved!! Not only were we moving a bunch of stuff, but we were moving it up two flights of stairs in narrow hallways. I could hear Ross in the FRIENDS episode shouting "PI-VOT!" as we were navigating the couch. So after about four hours of moving (yep, FOUR HOURS), everything was in place and I was standing in my very own NYC apartment!

Tomorrow I have an interview and so today I decided to pop on over to my friend Andrew's house (who's also, conveniently, unemployed-- hey anyone need a gifted, fresh Assistant Account Executive at your Advertising Agency??) which is but a mere two miles from my apartment, so we could have a job searching slash researching the agency I'm applying for party. My new best friend, the HopStop App on the iPhone told me the trip would be simple, just walk on down to the bus stop, hop on the Q58 (I made that number up... I already forgot the bus... I'm never getting home!) and head to the R stop and just take the R to Andrew's. EASY.

... two hours later I arrived. Yep, two miles in two hours. With an iPhone giving me directions. Pathetic. But hey, I got here and we're job searching/researching/blog-making and I'm feeling hopeful.

Tomorrow's interview is with an after-school program in the Lower East Side in Manhattan where I would be providing counseling and mentoring to teens and their families involved in the program. So we'll see how that goes! In the meantime, it's Subway map studying, job searching, and deli hopping for me. Start planning your visits! As you can see- my calendar is FILLING up :)

I definitely miss Texas... but I'm excited about this new little (huge) world... so please continue along this journey with me!