Saturday, October 1, 2011

Time To Go

** WARNING: This is a sentimental post**

Reflect back with me, to April. I had just succumbed to some intense brainwashing from Leticia and agreed to participate in a half-marathon with her. Sure, I thought, why not? I've done this before and I need to make myself work out every day. This will be good! Besides, the race is in July so it's just a few months and then it'll be over.

... And then the race filled up before we registered. But it was okay-- we just decided to do the Philly Half Marathon instead on September 18th. Awesome-- this meant we got to take a couple weeks off and then RE-START our training. My favorite. But we worked hard and dedicated each Sunday to running those long runs, bum knees, blisters, and all, and we were ready on race week to conquer the 13.1 miles! (And get those t-shirts.. let's be real, it's all about the t-shirts).

Back in Texas, my sweet grandma fell down on her knee at the beginning of September and had to be admitted into the hospital. It seemed pretty low-key and she was going to be released in a couple of days after having a procedure to rehabilitate the knee and she would be good to go. Unfortunately, her body wasn't exactly on board with this plan and her various systems started reacting badly and before we knew it, she was in pretty bad shape. Five days before the race, I received a devastating phone call from Mom and Dad stating Grandma was just given 24-48 hours to live. She had been given the choice to either undergo a grueling surgery that she most likely would not survive and if she did the recovery would be extremely difficult, or she could refuse the surgery and be moved into hospice care for her last few days. My Grandma has always been a strong, independent woman who is wise with her words and steadfast in her faith. During those terrifying few weeks, she dazzled the staff with her optimism and determination while receiving bad news after bad news. When she had to make her choice, she was wearing a breathing mask and could not talk. My mom wrote out the alphabet and asked her to point out the letters as to what her decision would be.

She pointed to T-I-M-E T-O G-O.

Grandma knew she had lived a life dedicated to the Lord and she was ready to be with Him. While it was heartbreaking to receive this news, and difficult to even write this post, I was once again amazed at the steadfast faith and wise words of my grandmother. Josh and I flew home immediately and Stacy drove in from school and we gathered with the rest of the family in Temple to say our goodbyes. It was an unexpected but beautiful time together as a family and we were there together as she went to be with our Savior.
So.. I didn't run the half-marathon. But I'm thankful I was able to be there as Grandma faithfully finished her race. She fought the good fight, she finished the race, and she kept the faith. And I know Christ was there to say to her "Well done, my good and faithful servant", as she ran into His arms-- wheelchair, cane, and artificial knee-free.

Grandma will always have a special place in my heart and I will never be able to open presents at Christmas, sing "In the Garden" or watch Dancing with the Stars without thinking of her quiet, consistent support and faith throughout the years. Thank you, Grandma, for leaving such a strong legacy of faith and for showing me what it means to be dedicated to going where the Lord calls, each day. No matter how difficult.

Leticia ran the half-marathon like a rock-star in record time and like a true friend, brought back the coveted t-shirt! She said we should run another one... to which I replied, "NEVER AGAIN!" :) Words that have been said before, I know...

Thank you for those of you who have offered up your prayers, encouragement, and casseroles during my family's time of grief. Your words and hugs have meant more than I can express. I am beyond blessed to have such supportive friends and family.

Movin' On Up... Er... Over?

I know after the last couple of posts you were all probably on the edge of your seats-- Will they move? Did eight more natural disasters occur the next week? Will they recover from their junk food coma? But I am happy to report that we DID in fact get moved, no more natural disasters have occurred (unless you call all of my clients forgetting to wear pants last weekend when I went to their homes a natural disaster... which I think I might) and I may never recover from the Irene Junk Food Influx of '11, but it was totally worth it.

So without further adieu... let me introduce you to Apt. 3I (the letter-- not the number-- it's already annoying) that is my and Janell's Brooklyn abode....


This is our tiny tiny closet in which we have attempted to store everything possible after being allowed to spread out over some massive square footage in Queens. Yes friends, we moved into a smaller, more expensive apartment... by choice. It's the New York way apparently.
Our tiny but cute linen closets! (We have lots of towels-- so come and visit! Our towel collection makes up for our lack of sleeping space, I suppose?)
This is how I let you into the apartment. Or the Thai food delivery man. Whatever.
Behold the kitchen. I love it. It has that great bar and behold beneath the sink to the left, what do you see? That's right... it's a DISHWASHER. I know I know-- crazy.
Also please note to the right on the bar the stack of coupons. I have channeled my childhood Sunday past-time of clipping coupons, and I love it. Hey, you don't get to sit this pretty buying paper towels at full price!

This is an overview shot of the kitchen/dining room/living room. You can cross the area in about six big steps. So while it's not ideal for playing "Mother May I?", it's cozy and nice but open enough to host some little parties! And ones that people might actually attend, since we don't live in no-mans-land anymore :)

The dining room... and TV. Also to the right you'll notice our giant air conditioning unit directly next to the heater. Why not just combine all the eye sores into one central location? I mean seriously-- WHERE do you store an A/C unit?! Perhaps there's space in that linen closet.

Just in case we forgot we live in New York, we have the pics about the couch to remind us. Our dear friend Angie took those pics and they're awesome :)
Also you can see the coat rack that remains up all year... with all the coats still on.
See storage question above.

Our little bathroom.

I know I know, two grown women living Lucy/Ricky style may appear a little strange...
See above remark about the NYC way. Hey, it works!

The other side of the room. That back corner are some things yet to be unpacked... slash we may need to start storing things in the hallway.

All my sarcastic comments aside, I absolutely love this apartment. I may have to eat cereal for two of my three meals a day to afford it, but the location is great and coming home is no longer and hour plus affair, which makes it all worth it! So.. go ahead and book those plane tickets and come see the awesomeness for yourselves :)