Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Better late than never?

Once again I must apologize for the tardiness of this posting. But hey-- at least now I have a job to use as an excuse rather than just pure laziness!

These past couple of weeks have had a running theme of me trying to figure out how to adjust back to the days of bedding down at a reasonable hour and rising early in the morn - preferably without having to hit the snooze button more than 12 times. Spending a month with no morning schedule was not exactly a step in the right direction of me learning how to set an internal clock. I think it might be a lost cause. Guess I'll keep setting all four of those alarms! (Don't judge.)

So two weekends ago, my old Baylor friends Scott and Danielle came to play in ole NYC and had the great idea to take the Staton Island Ferry (FREE!!) to get a close-up glimpse of Lady Liberty. It was so fun! And it's the closest I can to Her (I feel it's appropriate to capitalize the H) without paying an arm and a leg. Well done with the free tip, Danielle :)

Note the ferry that's really close full of people... who paid $18... suckers!! Something else that was awesome that Danielle, Scott and I did was attend the Upright Citizens Brigade FREE Improv show. This is an Improv group started by Amy Poehler and friends and now and again she hosts the show. Well lo and behold, as we take our seats for the show, who should appear but Mrs. Poehler herself, accompanied by Horatio Sans, Seth Myers, Mr. BELDING from Saved By The Bell and Kenneth and Lutz from 30 Rock (I don't know their real names!). It was hilarious and awesome. I took Angie and Andrew with me the next Sunday in hopes that the same All-Star cast would be there... and none of them were. Oops. My bad! But hey-- all free laughs, so no complaints!

Things at work are going well-- I officially knew things were going to work out earlier this week when a male co-worker of mine, an educated man in his late twenties, came into my office (that I share with three other people) and started playing Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid and he, another co-worker and myself sang along to the ENTIRE song. While the other co-workers watched in awe (or maybe annoyance... but I'll pretend it was awe). It was beautiful... I wish you could have been there. I knew then that no matter how tough the job gets... I can always break for a Disney sing-along and the world will be right again.

"What's that word again? Oh.. feet..." Gotta love her.

A couple of days ago I was at Starbucks in the evening reading and I met an older man from Albania who sat down at my table and began talking to me. Actually it was silent until he started laughing at me, when I realized I was singing along to John Lennon's "Imagine" at full voice as I was reading in public... story of my life. Anyway, we started chatting and he informs me that he's lived in the same apartment in the Lower East Side since 1960. He pays $200/month in rent for his two-bedroom apartment because of rent control. In the Lower East Side. His neighbor has the same apartment and pays $3000/month. Yes, really. It may have been slightly inappropriate since I had just met this gentleman, but I requested that should anything happen where he "moves out" of his apartment (slash, we both knew I meant when he kicks the bucket), I'd be happy to take over his lease and we wouldn't need to mention anything to anyone about it. I think he's really considering it. Things are looking promising! It was lovely to chat with him though-- he had a lot of great stories. Apparently he goes to that Starbucks every night so I'm hoping to see him again!!

I've had some pretty awkward run-ins with attempted pick up lines... or simple compliments/observations?? Yesterday I was walking to work and someone shouted at me "Yo snowflake!" and kept walking. I didn't actually make eye contact so I can't be SURE this comment was directed at me... but since I am the only white person I ever see anywhere near where I work.. I'm assuming he was calling out to me and my alabaster skin. It was new- I'll give him that.
Today I was walking to training and a man in a van was stopped at a stop sign and as I walked by (too slowly apparently) he says to me "Hey- those are some sexy feet".
What?? I didn't even know how to respond. I was literally rendered speechless and just kept walking. A) I don't think feet have the ability to be sexy, B) My feet were half covered in mud because I make inappropriate shoe choices in the rain, and C) How did he come up with that so quickly??
And then there was the time I was walking down the stairs to the subway and a man walking up the stairs came close to my face with wide eyes and says in a strange whisper "You have nice eyes". Kind of alarming. But, thank you? I just don't know how to respond to these unorthodox comments. Guess I'll take the compliments where I can get them? And yes, I know, being called a snowflake probably shouldn't be taken as a compliment... but I'm gonna pretend that was his intention.

I booked my ticket home for Christmas last week so I'm PUMPED about that! I only get 5 days at home since I'm a real adult now... but I'm thankful and can't wait to spend time with the fam, friends, and Chick-Fil-A! Until then... it's more singin' out loud and walkin' around ole NYC with my sexy feet!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Love the 90's

Because I have a ridiculously bad memory, I keep a running log of things I want to blog about in list form on my phone. I had a pretty good one going... and then my phone decided to erase the list and re-load a list I made like a month ago. No idea why... and I'm real annoyed. But anyway- I will try and do my best to remember!

I need to let everyone know that while New York seems to be an advanced city- at the forefront of innovation... I can't help but feeling sometimes like I'm living in the 90's. Last week at work, I was informed that our computers don't have the Internet on them, but we have a "computer lab" where we can use the Internet if we need to get a "map" for our home visits or help a client find a job or something like that. My days of chatting to Josh and Erika via the Google chatter throughout my work day are no longer. Farewell brother/friend :( I was then instructed by my supervisor to handwrite my schedule for the week. Put it on my calendar on Outlook Express and share it with my co-workers? Nope, write it out. By hand. I asked if there was an electronic copy available and she handed me a floppy disk. Yep, that's right-- the black, squre floppy disk we all remember from fifteen years ago. I had some trouble remembering how to insert the disk into the ancient computers. But I finally administered the disk and retrieved the document. I then got on the bus, went home to fill up my ice trays and watched some kids play hopscotch. The nineties folks... if you miss this beloved decade, please come join me!

This weekend I went to a friend's art show and afterwards we went to a Milk Bar. What's a milk bar, you might ask? Well... it's exactly what it sounds like.. kind of. It serves all different kinds of milk-- regular, strawberry, chocolate, and cereal milks (flavored with different cereals- so like the fruit loop cereal milk kind of tastes like the milk after you finish eating fruit loops, etc.). They also make milkshakes with the different milks and random soft serve flavors. My friend decided to sample the potato chip ice cream... it was as disgusting as it sounds. Imagine taking a potato, pouring milk and sugar over it, and chilling it for a few hours. Then dig in. SICK. They also serve pie (as you should, when there's so much milk) so I had what they call crack pie. Imagine pecan pie without the pecans and condensed into an even more intense filling. It was delicious... and addictive... just like crack. So, my experience at the milk bar began a little shakily with the potato chip ice cream disaster, but ended well. I'm definitely gonna need to go back again!

I have officially decided on a church here and a small group bible study that I will attend each week. I'm so very thankful that the Lord has provided this community! It's been a real blessing to be surrounded by other believers-- even if only a couple of times a week. The church is called Apostles NYC, pastored by JR Vassar (A Texan!)- so feel free to check it out online.

Work is going well-- I'm getting slightly more busy and getting to know my co-workers better. It's off to more training for me tomorrow. Hooray! Maybe we'll all get our own individual floppy disks to take home with the handouts. Hey- a girl can dream!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm A Big Girl Now... Where Are My Keys??

Well today was my first day back to the workforce. I should be sleeping right now, but because I have led a bum-lifestyle the past thirty days, my internal clock is a bit skewed. It was NOT pleased at 7:00 this morning-- nor will it be tomorrow morning! But I'll take this chance to provide an update for you all. The first day at work was as boring as expected-- two hours watching a movie regarding HIPAA regulations (no worries- your health information is confidential at Catholic Charities), four hours of reading policies and procedures, 15 minutes eating lunch, and approximately 2.75 hours spent staring at my empty desk. Half of my co-workers are out for training and so there was only one girl in the office with me. She wasn't super talkative and so I was concerned about our future friendship (yes.. I need to be friends with all my coworkers). That is, until this conversation took place. I will use CW as her initials...

**Following about two straight hours of no talking, only listening to really bad R&B (redundant?)**
CW: So... how's your appetite?
S: (confused) Um... I'm sorry, what?
CW: Your appetite.
S: (I already had lunch-- what's she saying??) My appetite? Um.. what..?
CW: Do you like to EAT?
S: Oh... yeah, I mean absolutely, I love eating!
CW: Okay good, you'll fit in good here then. We really like to eat.

Whew... I'm totally fitting in. Next week I'm bringing cookies to seal friendships with the absent co-workers. I'm not above it! I feel good about my new work environment. Too bad we work in the ghetto and there's no Starbucks to take "team-building" trips to. I miss you, STARRY! I guess there's always the corner deli. A good old fashioned honey bun is good any time of day!

I also need to share my Labor Day story. Angie was hanging out with me for the day and we were at my apartment and hadn't really done anything all day and decided we would go see a movie. It was about 4:30 and we were about to leave when I realized I needed to show Angie the roof and how cool it was. It's actually not that cool and I'm not sure why it was imperative that I show her right then at that moment, and not just on our way out. I decided I'd just leave the door unlocked- we'd be right back down in a minute. So we shut the door, perused around the roof, then came back down. To a locked door. Apparently my bottom lock locked on its own and so there we were-- no keys, no phones, no wallets, no NOTHING. In an empty apartment building. With the landlord out of town. Awesome.

So, Angie has some amateur lock-picking skills and she went to work with the bobby pin she found in the foyer (such a little MacGyver!). Meanwhile, I'm knocking on all the doors of the apartments surrounding me trying to find someone with a phone. You see, I always knew I would eventually lock myself out, which is why I entrusted my spare key to my good friend, Andrew. However, I was not prepared for a situation in which I did not have my phone-- and I did NOT have Andrew's cell phone number memorized. I finally found some neighbors, used their phone to track down Andrew's number... no answer. The neighbors gave us some tools, I found some more scrap metal on the roof, and Angie continued to work at the lock. It is now 6:30. The movie had come and gone. Thankfully, about this time, the neighbor's husband came home as I'm once again using their phone. He grabs a shockingly large screwdriver, heads upstairs and mutters something about his "special forces training" and proceeds to work some magic with the screwdriver and bust in the door with his body. Without breaking anything. Angie and I stood there with our mouths hanging open in awe. It was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen... also I was beyond relieved that we no longer had to stand and sweat in the hallway! I must give it to Angie though-- I believe she would have had that lock picked eventually. She's so bright! I basically stared at the door for two hours, pretending to help with the flashlight now and again. Bottom line-- Labor Day was more laborious than my first day of actual work. Oh the irony. I think I'm going to give a spare key to the special forces family downstairs.

All in all-- a productive couple of days... kind of? I did meet two guys from Austin tonight at a church event-- so that was cool! Apparently there are a lot of Texans at my church... I knew I liked that place. I hope we have a barbeque soon!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Movie With A View

Last night I attended the Brooklyn Bridge Park Movies With A View showing of the Marilyn Monroe classic, "Some Like It Hot". As you can see from the pics, it was pretty magical! The view was incredible and the weather was pretty perfect. I definitely love taking advantage of all the free activities in the city! I had never before seen a movie with Marilyn Monroe in it... so I feel more cultured after the experience. Unfortunately, I discovered this event on its last week-- so I'll have to wait until next June to take part in it again. So start planning your visits for next summer and we'll go see a Movie With A View! :)