Thursday, March 8, 2012

Winter Top 10... Part 1

I thought it was time for a good old fashioned top ten list... your favorite and mine. Primarily because I've been too lazy to blog anything recently... but that's neither here nor there! So here are the highlights of Winter 2011/12...

10.) Immaculate Conception Day- When I interviewed for my current job at Catholic Charities I asked the question "What does faith-based practice look like at this agency?" The response were some blank stares and a hesitant response from the director, "Well... we aren't allowed to talk about abortion... and we get Immaculate Conception Day off... does that answer your question?" Well no.. no it didn't... but a random holiday?! I'll take it! So December 8th I was given a free little shopping day off of work, free to live it up in the city, all thanks to the virgin birth. Thanks Mary!

9.) Josh Came To Visit!
And this is the only picture I took. But it's appropriate, because it was in the middle of our donut crawl. Unfortunately, donuts aren't the best thing to seek out late at night. Doughnut Plant only had Marzipan Doughnuts left. Marzipan?! SICK. Disappointing. But don't worry, we had like five other sweet treats that night to make up for it.

8.) Henderson Family Christmas!!
Picture perfect. You see the tiny stocking shoved to the left? Middle child syndrome, you betcha.

Ohhh just sneakin' a sausage ball...

Christmas Cracker Hats! Thanks Josh... and the Brits. Yes, we wore the crowns the whole meal.

Stacy got an Ab Roller. So we had some family fitness time- natch. 


7.) Barnabi Christmas Extravaganza
Whitney, Erika, Kara and I had a Christmas sleepover (thanks Nick!) after being separated for the whole year! We had at least 13 full photo shoots in the 14 hour period we were together.. here are some of the highlights...

Kara made us a mug. Best Christmas Gift EVER.

Erika's ring got stuck in my hair. Whitney apparently thought it was hilarious.

Best Friends Forever!! I can't wait for our next adventure...

6.) Planning My Funeral- The Henderson family this year decided that the day after Christmas would be the day to go ahead and draw up our living wills and discuss our future funeral plans. You know... because December 26th isn't already depressing enough. Nevertheless-- it was probably a good call. And just to add to the experience, we decided to play the Game of Life afterwards. We love irony. I lost the game... good thing I planned ahead for it.

5.) Whitney's Wedding #1-- California Edition
This winter I had the pleasure of attending two wedding-- both of friends named Whitney. The first took place in California for my dear friend Whitney Roeder ... now Platina! The wedding was beautiful and even though California chose to be cold and rainy, the festivities and the company made up for it-- also, the Chick-Fil-A.
Beautiful Whitney at the Bachelorette dinner.

"Hey Audge, wanna get out of NYC for the weekend and go to Cali?"
"Sure, I'm in."

Is there another face to make after discovering the Chick-Fil-A?

So hood.

Only the finest videographer on the west coast...

We took this same pic at Amanda's wedding... I'm pretty sure the next one of these is going to be a BIT down the road :)

Whitney surprised Gino with a beautiful song. Everything about this wedding was beautiful! So much fun! I'm gonna need to go to Califonia again soon.

This blog post got real long real fast. So this is the end of Part 1. Hopefully Part 2 will be complete before my Spring Top 10 is ready!

Monday, February 6, 2012

High-Maintenance Water

So the other day, whilst standing in the Starbucks line, a woman jumps the line in front of me and this transpires...

Woman: "Gimme an icy-hot"
Barista #1: (Look of judgment) I'm sorry... a what?
Woman: "An ICY HOT"
Barista #1: "... A what??"
Barista #2: (Obviously recognizes the woman as some type of regular) "Oh um, an icy hot... it's where you fill up the cup with ice, then pour hot water over it, and then add more ice"
Me: (Look of disbelief)
Barista #1: "I'm sorry... pour what over ice?"
Barista #2: (Obviously embarrassed that he has allowed this woman to believe is a real drink) "Just hot water... over the ice... then a little more ice.. that's all."
Woman: "Yeah! An ICY HOT.. like I said!"
Barista #1: ".... Coming right up."
Me: (Desperate attempt to make eye contact with Barista #1 to let him know he's not the crazy one in this situation)

So yes, friends, this New Yorker found a way to make her free ice water a high-maintenance Starbucks drink. I encourage you all to start quenching your thirst with a little icy hot. There's nothing quite like that refreshing sensation of chilled hot water. I'll obviously only be ordering my waters in this fashion from here on out.