Monday, February 6, 2012

High-Maintenance Water

So the other day, whilst standing in the Starbucks line, a woman jumps the line in front of me and this transpires...

Woman: "Gimme an icy-hot"
Barista #1: (Look of judgment) I'm sorry... a what?
Woman: "An ICY HOT"
Barista #1: "... A what??"
Barista #2: (Obviously recognizes the woman as some type of regular) "Oh um, an icy hot... it's where you fill up the cup with ice, then pour hot water over it, and then add more ice"
Me: (Look of disbelief)
Barista #1: "I'm sorry... pour what over ice?"
Barista #2: (Obviously embarrassed that he has allowed this woman to believe is a real drink) "Just hot water... over the ice... then a little more ice.. that's all."
Woman: "Yeah! An ICY HOT.. like I said!"
Barista #1: ".... Coming right up."
Me: (Desperate attempt to make eye contact with Barista #1 to let him know he's not the crazy one in this situation)

So yes, friends, this New Yorker found a way to make her free ice water a high-maintenance Starbucks drink. I encourage you all to start quenching your thirst with a little icy hot. There's nothing quite like that refreshing sensation of chilled hot water. I'll obviously only be ordering my waters in this fashion from here on out.