Monday, July 18, 2011

Coney Island!!

The first weekend of June, we declared it to be the beginning of the summer and decided the most appropriate way to celebrate would be to explore the infamous Coney Island. We'd heard that it had been renovated and not as ghetto as it used to be, so why not? So Leticia, Andrew and our new friend Loy made the epic journey to the bottom tip of Brooklyn.

HIGHS: Loy has a car-- 'nough said. Car > 32 stops on the subway; Corndogs; A roller coaster you ride lying down on your stomach!
LOWS: The Cyclone was like all the bad parts of the Texas Giant but no redeeming qualities. Translation-- I needed a neck brace after the ride. And some Dramamine. I'm also not sure what exactly was renovated because Coney Island was some kind of ROUGH. But I guess I didn't fall through the boardwalk or get shot, so that's something?

Pic from the Boardwalk
Hot/Corn Dogs... Duh.
REAL important to stay seated... I mean you wouldn't want your neck to hurt.
Andrew and Leticia on the swings

The Coney Island trip was such a great start to the official NYC summer. Too bad we all decided to wander around the country/world for the next two months before we hung out again! All in all, I would say Coney Island was absolutely worth the trek (mainly because I was in an air-conditioned car) but I would have appreciated a strong warning regarding the Cyclone situation. But I mean, I'd probably do it again for the corn dog... just sayin.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Fun

I'm not sure it's possible to convey the awesomeness of the last two months in a single blog post... so I'm going to slowly but surely post the different adventures that have transpired over this fun-filled summer so far. So... journey with me... back to Memorial Day weekend when the fun began!

Florida Family Fun!!

Stacy and I decided it would be great to continue our tradition (meaning we've done it once before) of going to Jacksonville to visit the fam over Memorial Day weekend. We hung out with our favorite Aunt Janet and Meme along with dozens of other family members strewn about. It's not hard to find Hendersons in Jacksonville... you can assume most apple-shaped people with tiny legs wearing overalls or shopping at a clearance rack are at least a distant cousin. The trip was perfect and I'm hoping this becomes a legit tradition for the years to come!

HIGHS: Daily ice cream from the Dreamette (classy dipped cones sold out of a shack from the 60's); St. Augustine outlet shopping fun; Baking an inappropriately large red velvet cheesecake; and of course Dominating the family at Nertz.
LOWS: No fried gater this year. Apparently that's not part of the tradition. (Meaning there wasn't one wandering in the front yard this particular weekend)

Stacy and I were SO bad at taking pictures but here are a few shots that we managed to take:

Stacy's hat trying to crowd me out of the picture...
JeanJean and Meme!
Paella-- Columbian Culinary Genius.

The Granddaughters :)
We're so photogenic
Like I said.

The pictures can't accurately explain how awesome the Florida Henderson family tree branch is... as well as those dipped cones. Both reasons why I'm saving my pennies to return next Memorial Day and keep the tradition alive :)