Monday, December 19, 2011

Subway Scare

There are moments here in this city when people go crazy. There's so much going on -- so many people-- I guess we're all bound to snap one day. What's really terrifying though is when you get trapped with said crazy person in an enclosed area... such as the subway.

Janell and I were headed home from church last night and are riding peacefully home on the 4 train. About two stops from our stop, an older woman gets on the train and the nice gentleman sitting across from me gets up to allow her to sit down. She mumbles something as she sits down, but since I was engaged in an intense Nertz game on my phone (don't be jealous), I didn't think much of it.

I began to get that creepy feeling where you feel like you're being watched, so I pressed pause and glanced up... only to see the old woman glaring at me. The next few moments went like this...all in a blur..

Woman: (INTENSE GLARE) murmer murmer murmer
Me: I'm sorry, what?
Woman: LOUDER MURMOR MURMOR (continued glare)
Me: I'm so sorry, I can't hear you.
Woman: Shut up- you're so STUPID (now SHAKING FIST) -- don't act like you don't know me!
Janell: (Stifled laughter)
Stranger next to old lady: (Overt laughter)
Me:... What?? (Clutching belongings-- wishing I had packed my taser)
Woman: YOU KNOW ME!!
(Janell and stranger bond over my extreme awkward situation through stolen glances and more laughter)
Me: I'm sorry, I don't know you
Woman: (Terrifyingly intense glare) GIVE ME A BREAK!!
Me: (Playing with gloves. Too stunned to focus on Nertz)
(Janell and stranger exchange numbers)
Subway Voice: "This is Franklin Ave."
Me: (DASHING out of subway)
Woman: (STILL glaring)
Janell and Me: (Extreme Laughter)

I have NO idea who that woman was or what I did to her to cause her so much hate. I would like for that exchange to never happen again though. I now have her glare seared in my mind, so I'll try to hop cars if I find myself trapped with her again.

Ohhh the adventures never stop...

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  1. How sad that you've done nothing since mid-December. What a sad, lonely life you must lead.